Platted in the 1850s, the TEXAS HILLS community is a small inner-city neighborhood on Mobile’s south side, perfectly located a stone’s throw from the historic homes of Oakleigh and walking distance from the Down-The-Bay area. Named, seemingly, for the lone star state and the street’s hilly terrain, Texas Hills has an abundance of historic shotgun structures dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and a smattering of neighborhood grocery stores, which were run by the Maisels and the Taylors. Once a bustling, diverse neighborhood with working-class families who made their living at the Brookley Air Force Base, City of Mobile and the Alabama State Docks.

Only a few streets made up the neighborhood, Fry, Elmira and, of course, Texas. Texas Hills is a haven of opportunities, offering the historic beauty of Magnolia Cemetery to the honeysuckle that grows wildly in Crawford Park.




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